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Account Management

How often can I expect to be in contact with my account manager at Preach Agency?

At Preach Agency, we prioritize excellent communication with our models. You will have a dedicated account manager who will be available for daily contact. We strive to provide quick and efficient responses to your questions and concerns, ensuring that you receive timely and personalized support throughout your journey with us.

What are the communication methods with my account manager at Preach Agency?

We provide various communication methods for your convenience, including WhatsApp, Telegram, video calls, and phone calls. You can choose the method that best fits your preference and easily connect with your dedicated account manager.

Who manages my vault at Preach Agency?

We handle all aspects of managing your vault. Once we set up secure data share points and develop the content roadmap, we take care of everything from there. Our team expertly structures all content flows, ensuring that our chat team delivers guaranteed results quickly. You can trust us to efficiently manage your vault and ensure its success.


How can I begin working with Preach Agency for my OnlyFans management?

Starting with Preach Agency is easy! You can schedule a call with us through our application form on our website or simply reach out to us via email. Once we receive your information, we will review it promptly and get in touch with you as soon as possible. When reaching out, please make sure to provide your Instagram username and let us know if you have any prior experience on OnlyFans. We look forward to working with you!

Is prior experience on OnlyFans necessary to be considered by Preach Agency?

Not at all! We are experienced in building up new models from scratch, even if you have no prior experience on OnlyFans. All we need from you is excellent communication and motivation to succeed. We will provide the necessary guidance and support to help you kickstart your OnlyFans journey and build a successful career with us.

How can I ask questions before applying?

You can easily book a slot in our calendar tool. It's the best way to get in touch with us and have your questions answered by our team. We are happy to provide you with all the information you need before applying, so you can make an informed decision.

Why was my application rejected?

Please understand that we carefully review each application before making a decision. Our goal is to maximize the financial success of each partner we onboard, and we dedicate considerable resources and effort to ensure that. If your application was rejected, it may be because we didn't see a strong fit between your goals and our capabilities. We only partner with creators when we are confident, based on the shared information, that we can create maximum success. We value transparency and fairness in our selection process.


Who owns the content created?

You retain full ownership of all content created. We use the content solely on your behalf and do not claim any ownership rights over it. Your content remains yours at all times, and we respect your ownership and creative control.

Do I have to produce a specific type of content?

No, you have the flexibility to define the type of content that aligns with your personal preferences and goals. Your account manager will work with you to identify the sweet spot between your desired content and highly successful content. You only need to produce content that you feel comfortable with and fits your creative vision. We prioritize your comfort and creative freedom in producing content.

How much content will I be required to produce?

The amount of content you need to produce depends on your goals and the existing content you have. Generally, producing more desired content leads to greater success. A range of 10-20 content pieces per week is typically recommended, but this can be further discussed and customized with your account manager based on your specific circumstances and objectives. We will work together to determine the optimal content production strategy to help you achieve your goals.

How much time should I dedicate to work as a creator with Preach Agency?

In the initial stages of starting as a new creator, you may need to spend a few hours per day in the first 2 weeks to create content and build up your profile. However, in the long term, you will typically not spend more than 2 hours per day on work-related tasks. We prioritize efficiency and effectiveness in our strategies, allowing you to focus on creating content while we take care of the rest.

Payment and Privacy

How will I receive payments as a creator?

We offer multiple options for payments, tailored to what works best for you. In general, payments are made on a monthly basis, regardless of whether you or we set up the invoice. We strive to make the payment process seamless and convenient for our creators, ensuring you receive your earnings in a timely manner.

Are there any financial risks associated with joining Preach Agency as a creator?

No, there are no financial risks associated with joining Preach Agency as a creator. Our business model does not require any upfront investment or financial commitment from our creators. We provide the necessary resources and support to help our creators succeed without any financial risk

Who has access to my content at Preach Agency? Is it safe?

At Preach Agency, we take privacy and data security seriously. After your onboarding is complete, only you and your dedicated account manager will have access to your shared data files. The same goes for your OF account, where we do not spread the password across the team. It is only in the hands of the staff directly responsible for your support. We ensure that your content is kept safe and confidential, and we follow strict protocols to protect your privacy and data at all times.

Can I stay anonymous on Onlyfans and earn money?

Yes, you can choose to stay anonymous on OnlyFans and still earn money. OnlyFans allows creators to use pseudonyms or stage names, and you can choose not to reveal your real identity. You can also control the level of privacy you want for your content, such as restricting access to certain regions or hiding your content from search results. Preach Agency respects your privacy and can work with you to create a content strategy that aligns with your desired level of anonymity.


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